Wallis Family Mediation

A personal service from a retired senior banker and family magistrate


If you live in Dacorum and are in dispute, do you want:

  • A day in court,
  • Continued disagreement,
  • Depression as a result of tensions


A mutually agreed solution with peace of mind and the potential for an improved relationship?

My experience, particularly as a family magistrate, is that mediation is by far the better way.

If you agree then let me try to mediate for you.

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If you decide to go to court and can't afford a solicitor I could act as your McKenzie Friend

Mike Wallis

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Phone: 07891760244

Email: mw@wallisfamilymediation.co.uk


Brynhyfryd, Vicarage Road, Potten End, Herts, HP4 2QZ.

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