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About Mike

I am a retired magistrate and senior banker with substantial experience in mediation, acting as a McKenzie Friend and in business support. I am personable and able to communicate easily at all levels. A respected Advisor for the Diocesan Dispute Advisory Service.

Having worked within the Family Court judiciary for over twenty years I have gained a valuable insight into how the Family Court system operates. As such I am particularly highly regarded in family mediation.

The Family Court has shown me that the court process should be used only as a last resort and that mediation has an important role in helping parties move forward from conflict and breakdown to agreement and a brighter future.

Clients' have said;

'The mediator had the gravitas to have a balanced/unbiased approach which only comes with experience'

'Both parties given equal time to air their views'

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Mike Wallis JP, BSc (Hons), FCIB,

Mike Wallis

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